Comechance was created in late 2014 and is based in London. As the brand grew and expanded it got recognized by numerous influencers of the fashion industry and was mentioned in Vogue, Elle, L’Officiel, Schön Magazine and other big-scale media. Comechance also has a branch in Dubai, UAE and continues writing its story and constantly growing by participating in global trade and fashion shows such as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week etc.

The brand strives to empower women, enhance their beauty of every shape and form and promote a lifestyle based on healthy attitude towards ourselves and the world around us. Not only our brand makes swimwear, but also carries a concept of a global on-the-go active lifestyle that unites women all over the world. We truly believe that Comechance swimwear is absolutely universal and goes far beyond beachwear and summer season. It mixes perfectly with garments from your wardrobe due to goes-with-everything design and high quality fabrics that are used in every custom-made piece.

We are crazily inspired by people around us, so it’s crucial that every person who tries on a Comechance bikini feels comfortable and confident. Comechance is not about trends, it’s about being sophisticated, active, classy, outrageous, happy. It’s about being yourself and take every little thing from life. Otherwise, what’s the use?

So whether you’re waking up in sunny California or lying in French Riviera, just started planning your vacation when it’s cold and snowy outside or whether you’re heading to Hong Kong or Singapore or elsewhere in this world, if you have a Comechance piece in your suitcase, then we have done something right. 

Daria Kotenko

Kseniya Sleptsova-Chadha