Comechance at Pure London

As you already know, we've been busy with our project in London, including participation in Pure London, a trade show, that is very popular here. It's an important fashion event as here you can find new opportunities and trends for both manufacturers and retailers. We've attended it before with Comechance Team, but this season took a chance of becoming a part of it. Now we'd like to express our gratitude to all the people who came to visit us and to new people we met. It was definitely a great way of connecting with new retailers, media and industry professionals. These 3 days were filled with events, information, emotions and, most importantly, knowledge. We don't talk about this much, but swimwear and resort wear in general are not the easiest fashion niches to navigate through, you have to stay persistent and dedicated 24/7 to climb your way up. So having a platform that actually gives you (free of charge, FYI, just register) actual and insightful information about swimwear business is priceless. We loved all the speakers during panel discussions and their advices as there's always room for improvement.



Comechance Team



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